Keith McNally | Chef
Keith McNally was born in London and moved to New York City in 1975 where he distinguished himself by being fired from every job he ever held. In 1977 he was nominated for laziest restaurant employee in New York City but was pipped at the line by the late James Beard.

In 1980, McNally (along with his brother Brian and then-wife Lynn Wagenknecht) opened his first restaurant, The Odeon. This was followed by Café Luxembourg (1993), Nell's (1986) and Lucky Strike (1989).

In 1996, McNally built Pravda, a Russian caviar and vodka bar. This was followed by Balthazar Bakery and Balthazar Restaurant in 1997. Pastis opened in 1999, followed by Schiller's Liquor Bar in 2003, Morandi in 2007 and Minetta Tavern in 2009.

McNally has also written and directed two feature films. He has 5 children and lives with his family in the West Village.